Volkswagen Ethiopia

Volkswagen Ethiopia

The Beetle was commissioned in the 1930s by Adolf Hitler as the “people’s car” (or volks wagen in German). Designed by Ferdinand Porsche, the curvy car was affordable, practical and reliable. Three decades later, the “Bug” (as it was affectionately known) became a symbol of the 1960s and the “small is beautiful” ethos. Germany stopped producing Beetles in the late 1970s but the production continues in different parts of the world, notably in Mexico. The unique design and budget price makes it a true people’s car. Be it as a budget car or as a counter-culture movement, the beetles take the world by storm and it is still one of the most sold cars in the record.

The bug has been around in Ethiopia for more than 60 years. Long enough to become a family legacy. They symbolize the nostalgic 60s and 70s. Most of the VW Beetle owners get their Bug from a family member. We usually hear stories like my dad was driving this car, my brother used to have one or my uncle gave it to me and so on. This peculiar story makes it different and the attachment it has with family lineage keeps the Bug rolling.

People choose to drive VW Bug, even when they don’t have too. There is no any other reason than a pure passion for 1970’s Bug to be on the street today. Also let’s not forget about those Bugs who sit in their owner’s house like a queen, cleaned and maintained every day like they are in the museum.

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