Volkswagen Ethiopia

From Classic to Modern

Dirom zendrom -2019

We started the movement to inspire and support Volkswagen Beetle owners and to talk about the Volkswagen in general. We started small and it turnout to be a big community gathering and joyful event. It took us three months to plan and execute the event, thanks to our partners and strong team, we make it happen.

ድርም ዘንድሮም (“Back then and Now” it’s the name given to the movement) is now on the map and we will make sure it will stay strong and bring more fun and excitement to the Volkswagen community. It was started in a small office and then goes online, then it becomes a community and now with this event, it on the ground. ድርም ዘንድሮም is in the heart of more than 1000 people and you can see the stickers on the streets. We also manage to build a database of more than 300 Volkswagen owners.

event activities

We planned for a small meetup event at first and it start to snowball as we go. It goes beyond Collab System, the organizer and attracted more partners that get involved in the event and related activities. From pre event activities to the event date, we executed various tasks that include

  • discussions with partners on different level
  • managing logistic
  • Human Resource
  • location and setup
  • building a database of Volkswagen owners
  • preparing communication and promotion materials
  • social media and on ground promotion and
  • contact each Volkswagen owners to give them invitation for the event


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